Saturday, January 28, 2012

Once Upon a Time

I made a New Year's resolution to blog more.

I went home for Christmas break, and it was magical. Boy, I do love Lancaster county.

I went to The Melting Pot twice over break. Chocolate is heaven.

I grew up and took down the Jonas Brothers posters from my bedroom door at home. Bittersweet moments.

I had the coolest friends in the world, and we made butterbeer and then watched The Chamber of Secrets. I want more. Accio butterbeer.

Kaile and I went on a drive through the canyon and decided that Utah is just beautiful, and we are so lucky to go to school here. Fight me.

My best friend, Kaile Knell, got her mission call. Tacoma, Washington! Her mission includes the hotspots of Forks and La Push (it's La Push.) I'm going to miss her, but she will be the most wonderful and beautiful missionary!